Booking Information, Terms & Conditions and Booking Form

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Thank you for your interest in booking the Holmbury St Mary Village Hall. 

The Hall, which is located at the end of Felday Glade in Holmbury St Mary, can be used for a wide range of private, group and community events and activities.

Under the applicable fire regulations, the maximum number of people permitted to be in the Hall is 170.

  • Large main hall area
  • Colour changing floor lights
  • Double French doors opening onto spacious secure terrace
  • External terrace floor lights
  • Stage with curtains and spot lighting
  • 2 side rooms 
  • Large storage area which can be converted into space for bar or catering
  • Spacious entrance hall accessed via terrace or steps
  • Fitted kitchen with - two domestic-sized cookers, fridge, freezer and microwave
  • Kettles, urns, crockery and cutlery plus childrens
  • 2 Toilets - stage level / 2 Toilets - entrance hall level
  • Accessible toilet - entrance hall level
  • Heating
  • Hearing Loop
  • 100 Upholstered chairs and 50 plastic chairs
  • 16 trestle tables, 2 large serving tables and smaller card tables
  • Small tables and chairs for children  

What to do to confirm your booking?

To confirm your request to book the Hall, please return as soon as possible to the Bookings Secretary.

-       the enclosed Booking Form (duly completed and signed);

-       your payment (see "What does it cost" above); and

-       if you would like a receipt, a SAE

Your Booking Form will constitute your agreement to hire the Hall on the date(s) and for the period(s) and purpose you specify in the form and on the terms of the Conditions of Hire. The agreement will be complete when we confirm your booking.


Hiring Session

Non-Business Rate

Business Rate

(part hrs charged as full)

£9 p/h

£12 p/h

Full day booking
(9.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.)


£12 p/h 

Weekday Evening
(18:00 - 24:00)



Weekend Evening
(18:00 - 24:00)



Frequent Users
(more than 20 day time / evening sessions per year)

£7 p/h

£12 p/h

Wedding booking
(18.00 Friday to 13.00 Sunday)

£950 *



£150 *


* For weddings/parties (not children's) an additional £400.00 security deposit  must be paid by separate cheque. Once hall checked after event it will be destroyed.

The Hall must be cleared up and vacated by midnight. PLEASE make sure you book enough time to set up and clear up. You will be charged for additional clean up if required. 

Payments to be made in advance, within one month of booking enquiry


Under the applicable fire regulations, the maximum number of people permitted to be in the Hall is 170.

 Use of car Park and Grassy Area

The land around the Hall is not owned by the Hall trustees.

Grassy area

If you are intending to use the ground outside the Hall for any purpose other than normal recreational use please talk to us. We have an agreement with Hurtwood Control that this area can be used for certain activities with additional payment. If you are thinking of using it for commercial means e.g. bike demonstration it is your responsibility to contact the Hurtwood Control Trust (contact Mark Beaumont, telephone (01483) 267267) for permission.

Car Park

If you are proposing to use this area for any purpose other than car parking (e.g. for setting up stalls, the erection of tents, holding of outside fetes/parties), for insurance purposes you must contact Shere Parish Council (parish clerk L.S. Childs, Shere Parish Council, Tanyard Hall, 30 Station Road, Gomshall, Guildford, GU5 9LF; telephone 01483 203431; e-mail address as a "risk assessment report" may be necessary. Please note that there is a public right of way across the car parking area which must at all times be kept clear and free for the public to use.

If you expecting a large number of people at your event please plan ahead and marshall parking.



PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION FOLDER IN THE KITCHEN - we expect people to act responsibly when using the hall


The keys to the Hall are available through the Bookings Secretary, with whom arrangements for their collection and return should be made.  Please ensure that a responsible person keeps charge of the keys at all times.  The keys to the Hall must be returned promptly after your event since they may be needed for other hirers shortly afterwards.  A charge will be made for lost keys.

Car parking

Please ensure that access to the Hall by emergency vehicles is left clear at all times.  If you are expecting a large number of cars, please make sure parking is appropriately supervised and, if necessary, consult the Bookings Secretary for advice.


Heating Heating the Hall is very expensive. The heating in the Hall is carefully regulated so that it should be at a comfortable temperature for most users at most times.  If you do find the need to increase the heating, please do not turn up the thermostat to more than 20' and please always turn it down to 15' on leaving the Hall. 

Tables and chairs

Please return all furniture to the side storage area after your event (stacking the chairs neatly) and clean it if needed.


The keys for the window locks are kept in the kitchen.  If you open any windows, please remember to lock them again when you leave and return the keys to their place.

Kitchen and other equipment

Please make sure that you leave the kitchen clean and tidy, wash and return the equipment before you leave.


We do not supply bin bags - bring your own. Please make sure all rubbish is placed in large green bin outside the hall. Do not leave any for the foxes to rip open.


Responsible person

Please ensure that the responsible person (the person whom you nominated at the time of booking who must be over twenty-one) is in the Hall at all times and ensures compliance with these Conditions of Hire.  Unless you let the Bookings Secretary know in advance, the person named in the booking form will be regarded as the responsible person for these purposes. Remember that the person must be over twenty-one and present in the Hall at all times.

Health and safety

Although the trustees of the Hall take all reasonable steps to ensure that the Hall is safe and clean for users, it is the primary responsibility of those booking the Hall to ensure the health and safety of users of the Hall.  The Hall trustees are insured against any claims arising out of their own negligence, but they otherwise accept no responsibility for accidents to hirers or their guests, agents or employees and hirers should consider carefully taking out their own public liability insurance in case of any claims against them arising as a result of the hire.   Please read and observe the various safety notices in the Hall.  Emergency exits should not be obstructed at any time.  Please also remember to ensure that emergency vehicles can reach the Hall at all times if required. If you are proposing to bring into the Hall any electrical appliance, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is safe and in good working order and used in a safe manner.

Accidents and Dangerous Occurrences

The hirer must report all accidents involving injury to any person to a Hall trustee or the Bookings Secretary as soon as possible and record the details in the Hall's accident book (kept near the First Aid box in the kitchen).


In case of fire, evacuate the Hall immediately and call the fire brigade. Fire extinguishers are provided in the Hall.  Do not take any risks with personal safety in case of fire.   It is your responsibility to ensure that everyone in the Hall knows how to evacuate the Hall in an emergency.

Observance of licensing and legal requirements

The Hall is used for a wide variety of functions and events by a wide range of users.  You must not use the Hall for any unlawful purpose and you should only use it for the purpose you have specified in the booking form. Some activities (e.g., the sale of alcohol (which includes serving alcohol at an event for which an admission charge has been made), public performances of music or dancing, and activities for young children) are subject to specific legal requirements and/or may require the filing of a Temporary Event Licence with the Police and the local authority (Guildford Borough Council) in advance of your event. It is the responsibility of hirers and users of the Hall to ensure that they find out about, and comply with, any such requirements and, if required, obtain and comply with any conditions of any licence, or file any notice, which is required for their event.  Please note that, under the Licensing Acts, the number of Temporary Event Notices which can be filed for events at the Hall in any year is limited and, if that limit has already been reached in any year, you will not be able to do the things which require to be licensed (e.g., selling or serving alcohol) as part of your event.

Care of the Hall

Do not use Blu-tak, tape or pins on the walls. By law, flyposting or any other form of unauthorised advertising (including for any event taking place in the Hall) is not permitted and you are responsible for ensuring that you do not, and do not permit anyone else to, flypost or carry out any other type of unauthorised advertising.

Emergency telephone

There is an emergency telephone in the main entrance lobby of the Hall, this telephone will accept in-coming calls.  The telephone number is 01306 731681.

You should note the following numbers in case of emergencies:

Shere Surgery
01483 202066

Out of Hours Emergency Cover (Thames Doc)
0208 3909991 or call 999

Local Police
101 / 01483 571212

The address of the Hall is
Holmbury St Mary Village Hall, Felday Glade, Holmbury St Mary, RH5 6PG.


The hirer will indemnify and keep indemnified the Hall trustees (and each of them) and their employees, volunteers, agents and invitees against (1) the cost of repair of any damage done to the Hall, its installed equipment or contents, (2) all claims in respect of damage or loss of property or injury to persons arising from the use of the Hall by the hirer and (3) any liability or costs arising from the breach by the Hirer of any of these Conditions of Hire.  Hirers are reminded to consider taking out their own insurance against these liabilities.


Vacating the Hall

Unless the Hall trustees have (as an exception) agreed otherwise, all evening events in the Hall should be planned so as to ensure that everyone has left the Hall, with the Hall left in a clean and tidy condition, by no later than midnight.


When leaving the Hall after your event, particularly in the evening, please try to avoid unnecessary noise and disturbance to our neighbours, the residents of Felday Glade.


Please turn out all lights when leaving the Hall.  The exterior lights are on a timer switch, which will allow you to leave the car park area before automatically switching off. The terrace lights need to be turned off.


Put all rubbish in the outside bin and avoid any overflowing.


Whether or not you have adjusted the thermostat during your event, please ensure that it is reset at 15' when you leave the Hall.

Replacement of equipment and chairs

Please report any damage to the Hall, chairs, tables or other equipment to the Bookings Secretary. 

Return of keys

After your event, please ensure that all windows and doors in the Hall are securely closed and locked and return the keys of the Hall as soon as possible to the Bookings Secretary.


If you wish to cancel your booking and the Bookings Secretary is unable to conclude a replacement booking, the question of the payment or the repayment of the hire charges shall be at the discretion of the Hall trustees.   The Hall trustees reserve the right to cancel this booking by written notice to the hirer (as specified in the booking form) if (1) they reasonably consider that (i) the hiring may lead to a breach of licensing conditions or other legal requirement or (ii) unlawful or unsuitable activities will take place in the Hall as a result of this hiring or (2) the Hall becomes unfit for the use intended by the hirer.  In the case of a cancellation by the Hall trustees, the hirer will be entitled to a refund of any deposit or hire charges already paid, but the Hall trustees shall not be liable to the hirer for any resulting direct or indirect loss or damages whatsoever.

a)      more than four weeks before the booked event. 100% refund, less a £30 administration fee.

b)     between two and four weeks before your booked date. 50% refund.

c)      less than two weeks before the event. 0% refund.


To confirm your booking, please return one copy of this form to: Jude Palmer, Deerswood, Sheephouse Lane, Abinger Common, RH5 6LP.

Please retain one copy for your records. Please make sure that you have read and understood the Rules for Hirers enclosed with this form which form part of your booking contract.

Please e-mail or ring 07946 637584 about one week before your event for details of obtaining the key to the Hall. NB that the balance of your booking fee must have been received before you make contact about access to the Hall.   Access to the Hall will not be permitted unless the booking fee (and, if you have been asked to provide a security deposit, the amount of the security deposit) has been paid in full.